This page is all about my pals [Grins], they can be human or they can be animals as I am happy with either. I love everyone ♥ and everything for that matter!

Do you want to become my pal? I like making new pals and am happy to put you on my website. If you have a website I can mention that as well [Grins] although Mummy and Daddy have to check it first to make sure it is safe and not Spam. I have no idea what that is, is it food?

To become my pal please contact me, you can do this by clicking on the red bone that says Mail. Send a photo and a bit about yourself, I will get my Mummy or Daddy to add you as soon as possible. Remember I welcome both humans and animals ☺ so no-one gets left out [Smiles].

Angel, my pretty fluffy pal. I think your name suits you so well as I think your an Angel. You are so sweet and loving and I’m so glad your my pal. Your a great sister and I love snuggling with you, your welcome to snuggle with me anytime [Smiles].


I have met some lovely pals on the internet and I wanted to share them with you. Below you will see photos and a bit of information on my pals. I hope you enjoy meeting them as well and if you want to be added here then please get in touch with my Mummy and Daddy [Grins].

My name is Thomas Archer or @PuppyNumber7. I am a 4 year old Kelpie/Border Collie X living on 20 acres in Queensland, Australia with 3 other doggies and 2 kitties. And I am married to an English Rose, @Keely_Bobs.



My Mummy, the best Mummy in the world. I spend lots of time with her and look after her. Sadly she is very ill and has to spend a lot of time in bed, on her good days she might be able to go in her wheelchair or reclining arm chair in the lounge. Mummy says I always make her feel better which is nice, as I hate seeing Mummy ill and knowing I make her better is good. I love you Mummy!


My Daddy, the best Daddy ever. I am good at wrapping him around my paws and getting what I want, especially when it comes to snuggling on his bed [hehehehe!]. I go outside with Daddy a lot and have lots of fun. Daddy looks after me very well and he makes my food taste yummy every day. Love you Daddy!


Myka, the newest family addition. She is a black Labrador and I am slowly getting used to having a sister. She loves toys just like me and she also likes to copy me. She likes to be very active, bouncy and is far more interested in everything compared to me. Hopefully when Myka is a little older she will help my mummy and become an assistance dog. Myka has a website too, click here.


Eviecat, my small furry pal. I still like you even though you can’t make your mind up whether to give me love or tap me with your paw.


Molly, my small furry pal. I am sorry you don’t like me and stay away from me most of the time. I will be nice I promise and I’m really gentle honest [Smiles].


Huggy Bear, my small very fluffy pal. Do you know your socks are uneven? I think you need to pull one up or down [Winks]. I love snuggling with you and you can come and join me when I am snuggling anytime you like. Love you bro!


My Pals