This page is all about what I love ♥ and that I recommend. Hope you enjoy taking a look and if you haven’t tried any of the below then maybe you should as these are what I love☺.

Harley Loves and Recommends

Toys, lots and lots of toys. This is my bone, my favourite toy. My Mummy bought this for me when I was a pup and I have loved it ever since. Sadly it is slowly dying which makes me sad but I believe it will last forever and ever. I love other toys too but not as much as my bone!


The beach, I just love everything about the sea and the sand. Its my favourite place to be and if I could I would live at the beach. Swimming in the sea or any water for that matter is so much fun. The sand is also good as there is plenty of place to run and play, not forgetting finding things to play with like seaweed.


Snuggling and this can be by myself, with Mummy or Daddy, with my small furry pals or my sister Myka. I could do this all day long but Mummy and Daddy wont let me. I just love snuggling because its just so good. I seek out any opportunity to snuggle!


My lovely comfy personalised bed. I do a lot of sleeping and snuggling on this and I love it. Mummy got it made for me from a nice lady who likes doggies (and has one of her own), its like a duvet cover and you fold a single duvet and put it inside. Its very good and everyone always admires my lovely bed, and no you can’t have it because its mine [Grins]. If you want one the nice lady can make you one (or your dog if your a human reading this!), she is known as Tillymint!


Going for a walk. Normally I go with Daddy as my Mummy is very ill but when mummy is having a good day she comes with me on my walks in her new zooming chair and I just love it when she comes along. I love walking anywhere and am always happy to try somewhere new or somewhere old. Fresh air is great and a good walk can be so much fun, plus I meet people who like me and say hello. Sometimes I even meet a doggie and if I am allowed I will say hello.


CSJ Biscuits and Gravy. This is the food I am fed on and I just love it and eat it every day. I have been on this food for over a year now and I only wish my Mummy and Daddy had known about it earlier. Its very yummy food and sometimes I even have it with some of their gravy.

Would you like me to recommend my food to you? if so please contact me with your Mummy or Daddy’s name and email address and I will pass it on to my Mummy. She will then fill in a form and you will get a special email from CSJ. If you then make a purchase through the web link given we will get paw points, which helps to feed me more of my favourite food. Thank you ☺.

Oh and if you contact the owner of CSJ, a lovely lady called Ceri and ask nicely for samples. You get sent a lovely box of goodies for free and you can have a great food feast and choose some yummy food. This is what I did and I choose my own food.


Naturediet wet food. This is the food I get occasionally throughout the week for one of my meals. Its a lovely treat and I always look forward to tucking into a bowl of Naturediet [Licks Chops]. I also hear its good for me and doesn’t have any bad things in it, so it tastes good and is good for me too [Grins]. I do love this food and highly recommend it, its one of my favourite treats.


Poly Pet Tags are a great company that Mummy and Daddy got my pet tag ID from. They are just best and help ID me if I go missing. I have the Double Sided Paw 30 mm pet tag with my details on the back.

These are the best tags I have had, as mummy and daddy have tried many and these last the longest. They also cope well with all the swimming in the sea that I do and everything else that I get up too [Grins].


Collar and Tags are a great company. This is where my collar and lead come from and they are very good [Grins]. I even used to have their pet tags which are also very good but they wanted to try type tag.

I have a Red Nylon and half chain check collar which I have had for ages and is still lasting well, it copes well with all my swimming [Grins] as I have ruined collars that way before. I also have a fantastic lead which my mummy and daddy really like, they have tried many and this has been the best so far. I have a Halti Training Lead. So a great place to go shopping and they even sell other things [Grins].


Kong Toys. I have had these since I was a puppy and I just love them, you might even see a few in my photos. When I was a puppy Mummy bought me a Kong that is called a Goodie Bone and it was red. It was so much fun and I often slept with it or enjoyed having the ends stuffed with treats.

I now have several more Kong’s and the one I play with the most is my Red Classic Kong. Its like a big roundish shape and Daddy fills it with peanut butter as a treat. They even do soft type toys and toys for water, how great is that? I love Kong’s and I think all dogs should have them, they are amazing!


Nylabone Toys. We only started to have these in the home when my sister Myka came along. She is a powerful chewer and my Mummy and Daddy found these great Nylabone toys. They are tough enough for Myka and means she doesn’t destroy them in minutes (like my poor soft toys!). Nylabone have a big range of toys and they currently buy the Dura Chew range.

You might be wondering why I am mentioning these toys? well as they are the only toys that can stay around at the moment (my soft toys have to be hidden and I get them at night when she is around) so I gave them a try. I have come to really like them, I often have a good gnaw on them or just fall asleep with them by my side. So I think they are great and both me and my sister recommend them.


Peanut Butter. My Mummy and Daddy buy me the very best peanut butter so that it doesn’t have any baddies in it, they say it might cost more but its worth it and it tastes so much better. Its from the Whole Earth Foods Company and its good for you. Daddy stuffs my Red Classic Kong with this for treats occasionally and I enjoy it for many hours. I only wish I could have it more but Mummy and Daddy say no. Oh well its still Yummy!


Milky Biscuit Bones. These are low in fat and they are good for me, I just love them and so try and do tricks for treats. Mummy and Daddy just wishes they were easier to find locally but they buy them for me online instead. Try them, they are yummy!


Bonio Original, large bone biscuits. Mummy and Daddy found these locally and after looking at them to see if they were good for me they bought them. They taste really good and I enjoy having them as treats. They are bigger than my milky bones so I have them less often but they are very yummy.


WAHL Showman Diamond White Shampoo and Conditioner. My Mummy and Daddy wash me with this every now and again and it makes my golden coat look and feel lovely. It makes me feel all special and Mummy even says I smell very good, in fact I use this and she can’t get enough of me. I feel a bit like those lynx body spray adverts...hehehe!

Its the best one that I have ever had and Mummy and Daddy say they would never use anything else now. It keeps my coat nice for ages, unless I do a lot of swimming [Grins] and if that happens its time for a wash again [Sigh] but at least I feel good after.

                                       Oh and they also use WAHL Showman Easy Ear Cleanser on me too, its good!


Mikki Pet Undercoat Rake for medium coats. My Mummy and Daddy use this on me regularly and it helps to keep my coat nice. It gets rid of lots of my undercoat fluff that is just sitting there annoying me or falling out and fluffing the carpet. I always feel so good after a good brush with this rake.

I have a few other Mikki pet products like a tooth brush and a few grooming brushes/combs and they are good also. Been using them since I was a pup and they are good.


Popoe UK Dog Grooming Scissors, the ones pictured are double thinning scissors which are just one of many scissors we have. My Mummy and Daddy bought several of their grooming scissors so they could groom me themselves. I am a good boy and let them trim me most of the time.

Mummy and Daddy say these are some of the best ones they have found, they are high quality and are easy to use with good results. I took a quick look at them on Ebay and I thinks they are expensive, but then they are good (Mummy and Daddy got them for way cheaper!).


Any products mentioned here also have links to their websites included (they will also be added on the links page too), they will all open in a separate tab/window so you wont loose my website [Grins].