Woof, my name is Harley and if you haven’t guessed it already this website is all about me. How great is that? I can’t wait to share all my adventures with you and I’m sure my mummy and daddy will share things about me too, hopefully nothing to embarrassing [paws over my eyes].

So want to know about me, want to become my friend? I love making friends and getting lots of attention. Watch out though, I do like to show all my toys to my new friends so be ready for lots of toys all over you...remember though that they are mine and not yours [grins] but you can look if your careful.

Mummy is telling me I should tell you some boring things about me, so here we go. I am a Golden Retriever and I am in my fifth year, oh and if you haven’t already guessed by my name I am a boy. I also just want to add, my name has nothing to do with Harley Davidson!!! Don’t know why people always think that, I am just Harley and I have no idea who that other thing is [smiles]. Right I am getting bored now, I am off to play with my toys....want to come and play with me? [waits].


16/06/2012 - Some new layouts on a few of the pages, to make better viewing. Including this new update section so you can easily look to see what is new.

15/06/2012 - Photo Albums Updated, Check Out My Sixth Year Album.

14/06/2012 - Sharing something else I love. Check it out on Loves section.

15/03/2012 - Changed my About section, telling you about my new sister. Sorry it took me a while.

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