So you want to know more about me do you? I love talking about myself especially when people give me love.

Since I was a baby I have always loved my toys, sometimes I love them so much they have to retire but some are still with me now [grins]. One of my favourite toys is still going and this is my bone, although I am sad because my mummy and daddy say its nearly at its end and they can’t find another. If I have my way they’ll never get hold of it, never [runs to hide it]. I also have my green froggy which I still love, although my cat friends seem to love to use it as a pillow!

I do have lots of toys, a big basket full and what I love to do is get them all out and surround myself in them. I especially love my cuddly toys, I just love toys [goes to get a toy, mmmm toy!].

I also love to snuggle, sleep and generally be cute. Makes my humans melt and means I get lots of attention. Although it can be annoying when your just trying to have a rest and because I look so cute they want me. I do sometimes try to get into bed with them, although it often doesn’t work however I get jealous of the cats and I think I want to come in too. Talking of beds, I have my own special one with my name on it. I love it and its made my a human doggy lover, will have to show it to you sometime but remember its mine...all mine [grins].

I love going outside, especially when its to the beach as I just love the sea. I see the sea and I just run for it, I do love to get wet and have a good time. I love the seaweed and running about with it, I also enjoy playing with my floating toy that mummy bought me.
All this talk of the seaside makes me want to go, am going to go and ask dad.....

Sorry back now, I get easily distracted. I am a very special boy, this is what my mummy and daddy tell me. My mummy is very poorly and has been for ages, I miss going outside with her as she used to love playing with me on the beach [dreams of old times]. I look after my mummy as best I can, I bring her my toys to cheer her up and come to her when she calls. When daddy lets me (and mummy is well enough) I am allowed to come up onto mummy’s bed and give her lots of cuddles. I do love cuddles with my mum and I always hope they make her feel better, I think they do as mummy smiles a lot when I am around.

Mummy and Daddy do have a nickname for me, I am called Peedie or Peedie boy. Got that name from when I was a baby and still get called it now even though I am not that Peedie anymore. They also call me Harley Barley and Daddy has this annoying thing where he says “ Guess what, you are Peedie and a boy” as if I didn’t know that already [shakes head].

I have a sister called Myka who came to join our family in August 2011. She is a black Labrador and is here to help my mummy. Right now she is still a puppy so she is busy doing puppy things but in the future she is hopefully going to be my mummy’s official assistance dog. I would of loved to help and become mummy’s assistance dog but apparently I’m too old [Sighs]. Anyway back to my sister, she is great fun to have around although sometimes I find it hard as I like peace and quite and she isn’t so keen to do this. I love her anyway and its great to have another doggy around. I do have to hide my toys from her though as otherwise she rips them to shreds [Looks Sad]. The good thing is there are more toys around and I do quite fancy some of hers, luckily she lets me share sometimes!

Not sure what else to say now, I think its time for a sleep. Hope you enjoy my website and if you want to ask me anything then do as I love sharing things about me.

Love and Licks,

Harley x


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